• Prof James N’Dow

    General Urology/Chairman, Guidelines Office Board, EAU, UK

  • Professor James N’Dow is Chairman of the EAU Guidelines Office Board.  He is also Professor of Urological Surgery and Director of the Academic Urology Unit in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.  He was appointed to the first Chair of Urology in Aberdeen’s history. He was Co-ordinating Editor within the Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane Incontinence Review Group) from 2008 – 2012.  His research interests are in Evidence synthesis and evidence based practice, large observational studies and multicentre randomised clinical trials with a competitive research grant income of over USD$ 30 million.  Professor N’Dow is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Urological CANcer charity (UCAN; www.ucanhelp.org.uk).  UCAN has raised about USD$ 10 million so far and funded the opening of the first Urological Cancer Care Centre in Scotland, formally launched by the Health Minister in 2008.  Professor N’Dow has a Urological Surgical practice in the University of Aberdeen Teaching Hospitals sub-specialising in penile and urethral surgery.

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