USANZ Faculty

The 2019 ASM Organising Committee believes that the planned range of visiting speakers arranged for the 2019 ASM will match the calibre of those who attended recent ASMs.

As many external factors attempt to influence and narrow our clinical and non-clinical activities, this meeting will provide a high-quality educational experience, allowing the free-flow of ideas, encouraging dialogue between people from differing geographical and, potentially, cultural boundaries, all in a friendly and energising environment. This is essential if we are to provide a stable and potentially expanding professional dynamic into the future.

The aim of the 2019 ASM is to build on the successes and hard work of the recent past. The major focus will be on both relevant and topical science, plus cutting edge developments. The domestic and international faculty that is being assembled will be second to none and will provide the attendees with information and insight that is not only fascinating, but clinically valuable.

Visit: Confirmed International Faculty